iPhone 5 to sport a front rubber rim and mid to late 2012 release?

The latest unconfirmed reports coming from online tech blogs are spruking the iPhone 5 design to include a “rubber rim” much like the bumper cases for the iPhone 4.  If true, this material may be used on the front edge of the phone helping integrate the much talked about new metal or aluminum back pate, the number 1 iPhone 5 design rumor doing the rounds.

Many people will be quick to conclude that a rubber casing or insert will look cheap and ugly, especially when included in Apple designed product. We wouldn’t be to quick to judge as many phones have come out with rubber inserts and casing, and if there is one company who could pull of a mesmerizing design with rubber included, its Apple.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 release definitely not until mid 2012

iPhone 5 release rumors come thick and thin but the latest news from tech analysts say they are sure there will be no iPhone 5 released early 2012. Apple simple does not have the time as rumors are building up of a complete redesign of the iPhone 5 from previous specs. We are expecting a date similar to the iPhone 4s release or maybe a earlier date from the latest news and rumors.

iPhone 5 redesign pushing back release date

With the metal or aluminum back plate and front rubber insert rumors for the iPhone 5 heating up, the word on the street that a totally new design is on Apples cards. Not only redesigned for aesthetics, but also to include the latest technology including NFC chips and 4g LTE technology. If the iPhone 5 was destined for a 2011 release, then delayed or replaced with the iPhone 4s, releasing it a year later without keeping up with latest technological innovations would spell disaster for Apple and all its fans. Increasing pressure from Android and its 100+ handsets routinely pushing out the latest mobile phone technology has put the iPhone 5 on the chopping block.


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