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Pre Ordering starts September 14 for the phone we have all been waiting for.  Outright iPhone 5′s start at $799 AUD but you can get a plan with Optus, Telstra or Vodafone. You can order online from Apple.com or head to a Apple retail store to get yours outright.

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iphone 5 release


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Ancient iPhone rumors below

Latest iPhone 5 release date rumor – June 2012

iPhone 5 Release date rumors

There are all kinds of rumors related to the upcoming iPhone 5. Release date rumors are by far the most popular and speculated. You have probably read about iPhone 5 features, rumors, specs, screen sizes, will it have LTE? Now the only thing you want to know is: when can you get it? There were and there are many rumors about the iPhone 5 release date.

iphone 5 release

Many people first thought the iPhone 5 release would be in June 2011, the time when Apple usually releases their new products. Apple did release some new software and the iCloud in June, but they did not even mention the iPhone 5 release date.

Then there were the other set of rumors that the iPhone 5 release date would be in the fall. This rumor started first appearing on Japanese blogs. Then Reuters confirmed that the iPhone 5 release date would be in September, and they have been always right in past. There is also some evidence that support this claim. For example, Apple posted new temporary job openings for the retail stores in the period of August to October. Lastly, there have been some rumors that Apple is already contacting several carriers.

No iPhone 5 release in 2011

The world was watching in October when Apple annouced thier October press conference called “Lets talk iPhone”. With the worlds eyes watching Apple announced the iPhone 4s and other amazing Apple products like Siri. Dissapointed with no iPhone 5 for 2011, technology Analysts have now speculated a mid to late 2012 iPhone 5 release.

iPhone 5 Release in Australia

Australia should be able to get their hands on the iPhone 5 not to long after it is released in North America. Previous iPhone sand Apple products too weeks if not months to make it to Australian shores, but since the iPhone 4s release in October, Australia only had to wait  a week to get their hands on the latest iPhone.

Rumors of pre production on the iPhone 5 has been rampant, and this lead’s us to believe all future releases of Apple products, especially iPhone’s will be available worldwide within a week or two from initial release, to satisfy such a high demand and capitalize on consumer spending.

Old iPhone 5 release date rumors

(The following information is old news kept for future reference)

There are now two contrasting opinions on the iPhone 5 release date. Some say it will happen in September, some say it will be in October. Here are the sources and the evidence so you can decide what to believe.

A September 2011 iPhone 5 release date: the Reuters are the most important evidence for this piece of information. Their reputation as Apple’s way of spreading the word says this is credible information.
The October iPhone 5 release date: John Paczkowski from All Things D is convinced that the iPhone 5 release date won’t be before October. The experts at TiPB and 9to5Mac are also sure that the iPhone 5 release date will be sometime in October. There’s also the Canadian carrier which pinned the iPhone 5 release date as the 1 of October.

The management at AT&T has reportedly forbidden their employees to take a vacation during the last two weeks of September. It is unclear whether they wanted to prepare for the iPhone 5 release date in October, or to have these employees all working when it happens in September.

There you have the contrasting opinions of experts in the field. No official word yet from Apple. The rumors insanity about the IPhone 5 release date and everything connected to it is clogging up forums and chat rooms. According to PriceGrabber, 35% of the American consumers will be interested in buying this product upon its release date. Within a year from the release date, 50% of all American consumers will have the iPhone 5. That’s an astounding statistic. But with all of the new Android and Motorola products hitting the market, who knows what will happen. We can’t even get the iPhone 5 release date for sure, let alone the preferences of the American consumers.