Australian iPhone 5 plans – Optus vs Telstra vs Vodafone

Thanks to decryption of the mactalk forums for putting these numbers together.


Optus iPhone 5 Plans


Telstra iPhone 5 plans


Vodafone iPhone 5 plans

iPhone 5 in Australia $799 September 21st

Pre Ordering starts September 14 for the phone we have all been waiting for.  Outright iPhone 5‘s start at $799 AUD but you can get a plan with Optus, Telstra or Vodafone. You can order online from or head to a Apple retail store to get yours outright. key Features of the new iPhone … Continue reading

Rumors before Release – Fingerprint Scanner for the iPhone 5?

If the latest reports are anything to go by then Apple is due to finalize the purchase of a fingerprint scanning company in October just a few days after the anticipated launch of the iPhone 5. This acquisition is leading to speculation that fingerprint technology could be used in the new model thus enhancing its security like … Continue reading

More iPhone 5 Rumors Before Release

With the planned date of September 12 for Apple’s announcement regarding the iPhone 5, the rumour mill is working over time. The first iPhone to be released since the death of Apple CEO Steve Jobs is the most highly anticipated technological development of the year. The incredibly secretive Apple have refrained from revealing any of … Continue reading

iPhone 5 Release Date announcement set for September 12

The first concrete bit of evidence from Apple that there is a iPhone 5 is this picture which shows the date September 12. Keep tuned to see what Apple actually announce at the event. It better be the iPhone 5 release date for Australia.

iPhone 5 expected in September?

With only rumors to work on the technology pundits are putting their money on a iPhone 5 announcement sometime during September. Substantial news on the iPhone 5 has be far and thin but the last month has bought more hype to the iPhone 5 release debate.  With mini iPad tablets and many rumors such as the iPhone … Continue reading

New iPhone 5 release date rumor reveals September/October release.

Rumor of Trumor the latest iPhone 5 news is spruking a release date of September or October 2012. The rumor has been leaked from the website  Macotakara who blog about everything Apple. The source of the leak has stated Apple will now release a new iPhone every September/October period keeping in line with the iPhone 4s last year and now the iPhone 5 … Continue reading

Apple’s iPhone 5 vs Android…… let the battle begin.

The iPhone 5 still hasn’t received any confirmed specs or features from Apple, but fanboy’s from both sides of this so called “iPhone 5 vs Android war” are pitting the phones up against each other. The latest battle from Novonews read”s “Apple’s iPhone 5 might fail against its Android rivals” pitting each other’s specs like 4g lte, processors, NFC, screens, … Continue reading

Has a iPhone 5 with 4g features been confirmed?

Coming from the iPad 3 rumor mill, iPhone 5 rumors have been buzzing with news that 4g capabilities will be implemented since bigger brother iPad 3 has been confirmed to have them. To be launched during March, the iPad 3 will have 4g connectivity, and rumors stating that the iPhone 5 will share much of the same internals and hardware seem … Continue reading

iPhone 5 rumor – No Quad core?

iPad 3 news as of late may shed some light on the iPhone 5‘s processor. Rumors coming from The Verge are talking about a a6 chip (which is most likely destined for the iPhone 5) to be dual core. We’ve touched on iPhone 5 processor rumors before and have come to the conclusion that any next generation mobile device with … Continue reading